About The Toxic Boss Survival Guide

If you read some of the stories on this site, you know that there’s no magic solution for dealing with a toxic boss. If you’ve got one, you know the immense pressure, stress, and pain they cause. You know they suck the air out of a room and the life out of their employees, and you don’t need a research study to tell you that working for one is a nightmare. If this sounds like your current reality and you want help, this book is for you. The authors collected stories from hundreds of victims of toxic bosses to discover that the tactics they used to survive have an uncanny parallel with proven wilderness survival strategies. In this guide the authors lay out these survival tactics in a readable, practical, and sometimes humorous way to help people deal with their toxic boss–right now.

While these survival tactics have broad applicability, this guide does not specifically address issues of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct – those are beyond toxic and deserves their own unique and specific focus. The book does address a rogue’s gallery of real world bosses — egomaniacs, two-faced managers, tyrannical overlords, narcissists, control freaks, and slimeballs, and the authors have assembled a manual of specific tactics for dealing with these dreaded—but fairly common– toxic types. So put this guide in your hip pocket, hunker down in your boss-proof bunker you constructed with leftover office supplies and get started.

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